A Podcatching Challenge

This is a post I wrote in a series where I introduced Podcasting to a large group of teachers in the US and Australia.

If you were to mention the term "podcast" in conversation this coming holiday season, you might find one or two people in the crowd who had some idea what you were talking about. Drop the term "podcatching" in the same conversation and you're likely to get a blank stare. Podcatching refers to the collection or subscription to a podcast using a podcatching software such as iTunes. For my purpose here, I will further simplify podcatching to the locating and listening to of any audio content.

There is an incredible amount of free audio content on the net. What you want to listen to obviously depends on your interests. The challenge I'm opening to you is to find a podcast to listen to and then let the group know what your experience was like. Did you enjoy it? What did you learn? Could you use this in your classroom or for your own ongoing PD?

I'm going to narrow the selection parameters a bit to get you started. Here are a few suggestions:

**The Best Video Podcasts About Tech, Software and The Internet** Here's a wide assortment of video podcasts that you can subscribe to and play on your iPod or simply watch on line.

Spark CBC - Your Homework: Make Wikipedia Better Hear how Chris Jensen gave his University of Saskatchewan students an assignment to improve Wikipedia.

Ted Talks: Sir Ken Robinson - Do Schools Kill Creativity? - This one is a favorite of mine. I've used it with my staff and with the school leaders from my school division. You can watch and listen to it on line or download the mp3 file and transfer it to a CD or your mp3 player.

Old Time Radio - Sherlock Holmes This selection is decidedly non-technical and pure fun. I have a love of old time radio and believe it is a real window into the past. I think quite a bit of culture and history can be worked in to the listening of these dramas. I mustn't forget the potential for their use in the exploration of story in a language arts classroom. The list of shows on the web and the possibilities of their use is huge.


Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing


The Math Dude: Quick and Dirty Tips to Make Math Easier


Lab Out Loud


SmartBoard Lesson Podcast

There you have it. Your challenge - Choose one of these podcasts and give it a listen.

Let us know your thoughts about the process? the content?

How could you see this podcast being used in your classroom/school? for your own ongoing PD?

I'm looking forward to the discussions!



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